Welcome to Rietkerk Ranch

We are ecstatic that you have taken the time to browse our website and look at the great selection of Texas Longhorn cattle we have to offer. We are situated on a 200-acre family ranch just outside of Pulaski, Tennessee where we strive to breed great Longhorn genetics. Our journey in the industry started not only because of the obvious beauty these magnificent creatures have to offer, but also the many other attributes that come along with them. Environmental hardiness, nutrient dense beef, forage utilization, and calm temperaments are some of the key traits that pushed us towards choosing this breed over others. The rich history and staple to American origins, are tributes that no other cattle breed can claim and should not be taken for granted.

Our Mission

Through careful selective breeding, great pasture and heard management, as well as an unwavering commitment to improving the Texas Longhorn breed, we strive to deliver tremendous quality total Texas Longhorn cattle that everyone can enjoy.


Our Vision

To produce total Texas Longhorn cattle whose genetics can be admired, and which continue to improve the breed for the many generations to come.

We truly thank you for taking part in this journey with us. No matter your interest in the industry, we invite you to get in contact with us. We look forward to meeting you and making a long-lasting partnership together.